Antebellum Architecture
"The echos still remain."
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The photos you are viewing are but a small sampling of the photos that are on John's "Antebellum Architecture" CD. His CD has over 100 photos for your viewing pleasure and can be viewed and purchased at the Java Mio Coffee House & Bistro in Old Towne.  This particular CD can also be purchased at the Petersburg National Battlefield Park.
At the beginning of the Civil War, Petersburg could be considered a very cosmopolitan city for its size.  With a population of 18,266 in 1860, it was the second largest city in Virginia and the seventh in size throughout the South.
Consequently many of its ante- bellum structures were built in some of the more lavish styles of the times.  The town boasted Tidewater Colonial, Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival, Italianate architecture with many extant examples still to be seen in the various historic districts.  Those "silent sentinels" which survived the turbulent almost 10 months of the siege, beginning in mid June 1864 and ending in early April of 1865, attest to their durability from constant shelling and neglect that only war can bring about.
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