Arms and Munitions
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Six Pounder Field Gun Model 1841
Parrott Guns
Modified 12 pounder breech-loading Whitworth Gun
Broadway Landing
Railroad Gun and Crew
Confederate Brass - Mountain Howitzers
Heavy Confederate Gun on inner fortifications
Federal Troops with captured Confederate Artillery
Row of stacked Federal Rifles in Petersburg
Piles of solid shot, canister, etc. in arsenal grounds.
Richmond and Petersburg Railroad bridge on right.
Federal Ordnance at Broadway Landing
The Dictator
or as it was otherwise called
"The Petersburg Express"
This seacoast mortar was used by the Union forces to support their attack at the Battle of the Crater and to provide counter fire at Confederate artillery positions.  This 17,000-plus pound monstrosity could hurl it's  225 pound 13 inch shell some 2.5 miles and when it was fired it would cause a 3-ton railcar to recoil about 14 feet.