Welcome, to Battersea!  Upon entering these grounds , you have stepped back in history to Petersburg of the eighteenth century -- 25 April 1781.  On that day, a British army of 2,500 troops under the command of Major General William Phillips attacked the city to capture a large quantity of supplies they believed were stored here.  They were confronted by a determined force of 1,000 Virginia militia commanded by Major General, the  Baron Von Steuben.  A battle raged for nearly three hours, after which the Americans were compelled to give up the city and retreat into Chesterfield County.  Though losing the battle, General von Steuben's defense of the town bought enough time to evacuate the badly needed supplies for General George Washington's southern army to safety.
Each year, Revolutionary War Reenactment Units come together at Battersea to commemorate that battle which was part of America's fight for its Independence.  Battersea, though not on the actual battle site, was standing at the time of the battle, and several weeks after the battle was occupied by the British soldiers of General Lord Charles Cornwallis. This is another significant period in Historic Petersburg's three centuries of history.
British and American Units portrayed and photographed at this event are authentically recreated military units that actually participated in the Revolutionary War and come from various locations throughout the eastern United States.  Please enjoy the photographs.  Click on the text below to enter the photo page.
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