Forts and Fortifications Photos

All photos from: The Library of Congress
Fort Sedgwick looking South
Captured Confederate Encampment
Bomb Proof shelter inside Federal lines
Federal line of fortifications near Fort Morton
Earthworks around Petersburg
Redoubt captured in outer line of Confederate defenses.
Captured June 14, 1864 by General Wm. F. "Baldy Smith".
Fortifications (site unknown)
Interior view of Fort Sedgwick (Fort Hell)
Water filled ditch on West side of Fort Sedgwick.
Entrance to mine at Fort Mahone intended to undermine Fort Sedgwick.
Bomb proof shelter at Fort Sedgwick
Chevaux-de-frise before Confederate Main Works
View from Breastworks of Fort Sedgwick
Fort Sedgwick Fortification
Breastworks of Fort Mahone, also known as
"Fort Damnation"
Chevaux-de-frise in front of Fort Sedgwick
Interior view of Confederate works
CSA Fortifications
Interior of Fort Stedman (bombproof in forground).
Another view of Fort Stedman