Petersburg Virginia
as captured thru the lens of
John A. Rooney Jr.
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~ Old Train Trestles ~
Looking East at the Appomattox River from Campbell's Bridge 
~ Farmers Bank ~
The Farmers Bank of Virginia built its Petersburg Branch in 1817, with accommodations on the upper floors for the cashier and his family.  Here, in one of the oldest bank buildings in America, you can see its heavy safe which was kept in the cashier's office during banking hours and lowered through the floor to the vault below at night.
~ Petersburg Courthouse ~
During the Civil War, both the Union and Confederate soldiers used the courthouse tower clock to tell the time .
~ Centre Hill Mansion ~
A showcase of gracious Southern living and style, Centre Hill was built in 1823 in the Federal style by the prominent Bolling family.  The interior was later remodeled in the Greek Revival design of the 1840s.  Ornate woodwork and plaster motifs accent a collection of period furnishings.  On view in the basement is a portion of a tunnel that once connected the house to the river.  This building served as the headquarters for the commander of the Union forces after the fall of Petersburg.  It is now a Petersburg museum and hosts a "Ghost Walk" on the 24th of January each year.  Some people have sworn to have observed and heard soldiers walking her hallways.
Old Towne
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~ Virginia Lewellan House  ~
Circa 1854
Grove Avenue.
~ Basil Jefferson House ~
Circa 1871
South Sycamore Street
~ Corner of Sycamore and Old Streets ~
~ Poplar Lawn Park ~
~ Kitchen  ~
Private Home on  Grove Avenue
~ McIlwaine House  ~
Old Towne Visitor Center
~ Globe Antiques ~
201 N. Sycamore Street
~ Farmers Market ~
Old Street in Old Towne Petersburg
~  St. Pauls Church on Union Street ~
~ Penniston's Alley - Antiques & Collectables ~
~ Robert Dunn McIlwaine House ~
West Washington Street
~ Wellness Center ~
Grove Avenue
~ The Confederate School ~
Circa 1828 - 1838
South Adams Street
~ Java Mio  Coffee House & Bistro ~
N. Sycamore & Bollingbrook Streets