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~ Petersburg, Virginia Courthouse ~
Built between 1837 and 1839
~ Courthouse Tower Clock ~
During the Siege of Petersburg, soldiers could see the courthouse clock from the trenches and would set their timepieces by it.  The clock tower was also a favorite target for the Union artillerists.  The damage done by the artillery was repaired in 1877, and the clock replaced in 1880.
~ Sunset over the Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge ~
~ Peter Jones Trading Post ~
Grove & Market Streets
It is widely believed that Petersburg was named after Major Peter Jones who owned and operated this Trading Post.
~ Old Blandford Church ~
Crater Road
The Church now serves as a Memorial to the 30,000 Confederate Soldiers who are buried in its Cemetery.  The Church contains 15 stained classed windows made by the Tiffany Company.
~ Siege Museum ~
Bank Street
The Museum has on display many items and photographs taken during and after the Siege of Petersburg  in 1864-65.
~ Memorial Hill ~
The statue of a Confederate Soldier facing North overlooking the graves of some 30,000 soldiers who are buried here.  Memorial Day services are held here every year not only to honor the Confederate dead, but to honor veterans of all Wars.
~ Appomattox Iron Works ~
26 West Old Street
This building is now used as the Headquarters for The Cameron Foundation.

~ The Farmers Market ~
Old Street
Built in 1878 as a commodities market this building has survived many different venues.  Plans are currently  under way to restore this favorite landmark, perhaps as a Visitor Center.  Vendors gather here every Saturday morning from May until October to sell their produce and other items.
~ Southside Depot ~
River Street
Built in 1854-55 this station is believed to be the oldest surviving Antebellum Railroad Station in Virginia.  A prime target of Union Forces during the Siege of Petersburg, it still has the remains of several cannonball fractures in its roof support beams.  It was here that Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia assembled on April 2 1865 and started it's retreat through Chesterfield County to Appomattox, Virginia and surrender there on April 10.
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~ Farmers Bank ~
The Farmers Bank of Virginia built its Petersburg Branch in 1817, with accommodations on the upper floors for the cashier and his family.  Here, in one of the oldest bank buildings in America, you can see its heavy safe which was kept in the cashier's office during banking hours and lowered through the floor to the vault below at night.
Lee worshipped here in pew 44.
Old & Market Streets
Corner of Sycamore & Bank Streets.
The Battle of 25 April 1781.