Matoaca Mill
Postcard of the Matoaca Mill courtesy of 
Russell W. Davis
Photos Contributed 
Larry E. Holt
Photos Taken by
Charles Hall Davis - 1905
Photographer for
The Virginia Consolidated Milling Co.
Web Page Courtesy
Ron Roller
Birds eye view of Matoaca Village from Johnston Street
Mill buildings along the Canal
Drawing and Fly Machines in the Mill
Carding Room
Weaver Room at Matoaca Cotton Mill
Finishers at Matoaca Mill
General view of Matoaca Cotton Mill
Employee's Cottage at Matoaca Village
Two weeks wages for the Carding Room at the Mill, January 1914
Tail and Race Wheel House #2
Matoaca Mill Employees
Two Weeks Wages for the Weaving Room Employees
A Note from Madeline
Crater Road 
Crater Road
What was life like working at the Mill?  Perhaps we can form a picture from this letter below that was written by Anthelia Holt to a friend in 1881.
Dear Lottie,
I am real sorry to disappoint you and I am real disappointed myself for I was in hopes that the mill would stop so that I could go up and see you, but there is no chance of going now for we are working long hours again instead  of stopping.  We have to work until after seven o'clock every night and until four o'clock eve Saturday.  So that you may know that I am in the penitentiary now for we won't see anything outdoors only on Sunday.  I was very glad to hear from you and to hear that you were well.  Write soon.  Don't wait long like you have been doing, for if I can't come to see you I want to hear from you.  As it is getting late.  I must close now.  Good night.
  I remain as ever your loving friend.  Write soon.
                                                                         Anthelia Holt
   The above letter is only a short portion of Anthelia's letter.  One can see from her writing how it was working in the Matoaca Mill.  There is a book titled: Anthelia Holt Robinett of Matoaca, Va.  This book contains approx. 50 copies of her letters and pictures of her and her family.  The original letters are in the William and Mary College Library.
   There is also a book titled: The Holt Family of Matoaca, Virginia, where you can find additional information about the Matoaca Mill.
   These two books can be found in the Colonial Heights and Petersburg Virginia Libraries under special collections.  The books are also in The Virginia Library in Richmond.
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Mornings on Maple Street