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Olger's Store
Jimmy Olgers Invites you in to Look Around.
  Or just come sit on the porch and listen to some stories.  We promise you won't get bored.
~ That must have been a good one ~
~ Jimmy's Watchcat ~
~ Some mighty fine soup came from these honeys ~
~ Come on in and read yesterdays news ~
~ Now the one on the left is a real Dixie Buck ~
~ If it ain't in here, it ain't anywhere ~
~ Darned if it ain't the Duke.  Jimmy sure knows some folks! ~
~ The Girl he left behind? ~
~ Annie Get Your Gun, them coyotes are after my chickens again ~
~ Durned if it ain't old Robert E. Lee ~
Well, whatcha all awaitin for?  Hop in the Old Jalop and come see much more at the store.  It's just a short run on  Highway 460 a little bit west of Petersburg.
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Crater Road