Petersburg Civil War Photos

Blandford Church before restoration
General View of Petersburg after it's fall to Union forces.
Canal Aqueduct - Petersburg 1865
Mill on the Appomattox River
Virginia Mills on the Appomattox
Virginia Mills on the Appomattox River April 1865
Effects of a Union shell bursting through the east parlor of the Dunlop House.
Dwellings on Bollingbrook street showing effects of bombardment.
Tobacco warehouse on High Street used by the CSA as a temporary prison during the Siege.
Front view of the warehouse
Rear of the Dunlop house on Bollingbrook Street.
Effects of Union bombardment on a brick wall with large section blown out.
View in the rear of Dunlops house, Bollingbrook Street showing ruins of tobacco warehouses.
Trestle work bridge on Southern Railroad one mile above Petersburg.
House damaged by Union cannon fire
All photos courtesy of The Library of Congress
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