Petersburg has no hard and fast birthday. The colonial town was established by law in 1748.  It became a larger town, with greater and more specific powers, with the charter of 1784.  It achieved the dignity  of cityhood in 1850.  Bristol Parish, resulting from increasing population in the area was established in 1643. Fort Henry appeared in 1645-46. In 1733 Colonial William Byrd wrote of founding the towns of Petersburg and Richmond.  By 1737 if not earlier, a brick church gave evidence of the locality's coming of age. The church which has become  known as Blandford Church, may have overlooked the nascent towns of Petersburg, and Blandford, and possibly Pocahontas as well, all close beside the Appomattox River.
The Battle for Petersburg
( Revolutionary War - 1781 )
The Siege of Petersburg
( Civil War - 1864 )
Welcome to Petersburg.  By clicking on the links below you will be able to take a tour through the years from very beginning to its present day activities.  Read and enjoy photos of the great battle re-inactments of the Revolutionary War. Photos and stories of the Civil War.   Read the story of Blandford Church and Cemetery, Memorial Hill, the McRea Monument and why and how the city was named "The Cockade City of the Union". 
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